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Do you need a new home for your Chihuahua...we can help

We understand that this may be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. If you are considering this, we believe it is always best to rehome through a rescue centre. We have experienced members who will make sure your precious pups finds a perfect home. We have extensive home checks and protocols in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your little loved one. Our priority is always the welfare of the dog.


There are many unscrupulous people who will offer to take your dog and then sell it on for profit with no regard for it's wellbeing.


We offer advise and help to make the correct decision for both yourselves and your pup with no judgements.

Call us if you are considering rehoming your pup and we can discuss how to proceed. 


Download a Relinquishment form HERE

Rehoming - how does it work

How the rehoming process works:-


When a dog comes to us, they may be traumatized, sick, confused and malnourished. Our priority is to ensure the health and well being of the little dog and our first port of call is a vet.

Here, we will discuss the rehoming needs of the dog and whether the dog needs any further rehabilitation. At this point, a programme of care is arranged and we then place them in a safe foster home.

This allows the dog some time to settle and for us to care for the dog and get them back to tip top health. Our rehoming team assess each dog individually and this time really allows us to get to know the dog, the personality, likes and dislikes.

Once this process is complete and we feel the dog is ready for a new home, we will put his/her profile on our rehoming page.

At this point, we invite people to register their interest to adopt the dog. We usually have a large number of applications for each dog.

It is not possible for us to reply to each application individually so we will keep you all updated on facebook and on the website.

Providing we have your completed adoption form, we will contact any prospective applicants to discuss your suitability and circumstances. We may then arrange for a home check.



If you wish to offer one of our little Chihuahuas a forever home...

Download and print Application form HERE


Matching the right owner for a dog is our priority. The dogs often have special needs and may have ongoing behavioural or medical issues that will need a specific management.

This may not always be the dog for you, but our priority is making sure we find the right home for our dogs and the right dog for your home!



We are a very small personal rescue, where every dog is currently collected by us, kept and fostered within our 'Dizzy rescue family.'  We are a small team who between us have over 50+ years of dog ownership and 20+ years of Chihuahua ownership.


What can I expect when I adopt a dog from Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue:

There are many reasons why a dog is relinquished to our rescue, usually due to changes in personal circumstances. It’s adored owner may have died or gone into a nursing home, divorce, a change in work commitments, a new baby may have arrived, the children in the home may not know how to treat the little one respectfully, the owner may no longer have time for it or the dog just may no longer be wanted. The dog may also have been abandoned, neglected, abused or locked away or used for breeding.


Each dog that is taken in to our rescue will live as part of our family in the homes of either of Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue partners, Suzanne or Steven (who each have over 40 years experience of dog ownership including Chihuahua’s), this way we can thoroughly assess first hand how the dog interacts with us and our own dogs and we can see what behavioural problems, if any, it may have. We also ensure the little dog is given much love, affection and encouragement to make it feel safe and secure.


Once the little one has received all veterinarian requirements for good health and been assessed, it can be re-homed and we will give you an honest character description of the dog that you will be adopting.


Once in your home, a rescue dog will take time to be accustomed to its new environment and to adjust and settle in, please leave the dog to come to you on its own terms however long this may take. If you have visitors to your home, it may feel threatened or anxious and they must be introduced carefully and gradually and not rushed.


In line with other reputable rescues, we do not rehome our dogs to those with children under the age of 10 for obvious reasons and if you may have any visiting relatives or friends with children, it is very important that the dog has it’s own comfortable bed away from them so it may go off into its own space and be left in peace so that the little one is not overwhelmed.


The little rescue dog is a little character, it is the product of its environment. If you are looking for the perfect dog that is house trained, quiet, does not bark, is 100% obedient with no problems and have a list of expectations then please do not apply as a rescue dog is not for you.

Foster carers & Foster homes

We are currently in the process of expanding our rescue and will shortly be looking for 5 STAR dedicated foster carers. our fosterers will need to be dedicated and willing to care for all the dog's needs ( feeding, walking, grooming, training, socialising) 


Our fosterers will be required to be happy to play a part in the rehoming process. This may include photo updates, regular contact to discuss the dogs progress,  maintaining training and rehabilitation routines. We would require that you follow our guidance and regulations on training and handling. 


Our ideal foster homes will be where we can place dogs temporarily and be certain the dogs will be safe cared for until their forever homes are found. 


Download and Print a form to apply to be a Foster carer HERE