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Some of our Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue 'family'

Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue was set up in Dizzy’s memory,  to keep this very special little dog’s name alive and to help little chihuahua's in need.




Clyde is having a wonderful new life with Emily & Dean (& Bruno ) 




Ruby came into rescue in very poor condition, she had been used for breeding from a very young age, had a previous broken leg that had not received veterinarian treatment, it had self healed incorrectly which gives her a wonky gait, she was frail and anxious, suffering from colitis. She was cared for by DCR Lynne who showered her with love and slowly nursed her back to health and worked through her anxiety problems. It took time and patience and eventually Ruby became a different dog, enjoying a happy and secure life with Lynne, her family and the other Chihuahua's. When it came to rehoming Ruby Lynne and Danny could not bear to be parted from her and adopted her. A wonderful and lovely ending for Ruby who is happily ensconced in her forever, loving 5 star home



Lily is having a wonderful life by the seaside. She enjoys walks, scooter rides and runs on the beach.





Reggie is living his best life with Chris & Andre (and Skye)





Poppy (previously Panda) is enjoying her new Saddleworth Moor rural home. She enjoys playing with her new friends at the beach.



Tino and Dolly came into our rescue together. Both pups have forever homes and now live with large fur families of brothers and sisters. They are very settled and are enjoying camping, beach walks and garden fun.