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Some of our Dizzy chihuahua rescue 'family'



Here is Nikky with Poppy's story...

Poppy is a two and a half year old chihuahua who we adopted from Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue. 
It was clear that Poppy had previously had extensive lead training in her original long term home and was super well behaved on her lead but she had a few issues that we were able to address.
Because Poppy was properly assessed whilst with the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue family and again in our home we understood Poppy’s needs so it was easy for us to develop a strategy to help her understand how to behave around food.
Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue understands how crucial it is to assess each dog fully and to match the home to the dog’s needs without compromise. 
Poppy is an adorable little dog and she adjusted very quickly to become part of our family. We have a son aged 20, a daughter aged 14 and 2 other chihuahuas that are beautiful, calm and well behaved.
Our home is on the Saddleworth Moor in a rural location but our holiday home is by the beach so we very much wanted Poppy to be comfortable enjoying the outdoors off her lead in the country and on the coast. 
Poppy is a young dog who has bags of energy to burn but she initially had some stiffness in her legs as she wasn’t used to so much exercise, but with longer walks over several weeks she gradually built up the muscles in her legs and started to lengthen her stride and join in more with the other two.
We enjoy nothing more than watching Poppy clamber over the rocks, free running on the beach or zooming around the fields with our other two chihuahuas.
Poppy also enjoys sofa surfing, learning to sit to wait for treats and having lots of cuddles.

We are eternally grateful to Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue for the chance to rehome Poppy and to give her the perfect forever home for her needs. . .

Dizzy 2

Here is Steven with Dizzy 2's story...

"We first encountered our gorgeous little girl when she came in to Dizzy Chihuahua rescue. She was with another little pup and both very thin and nervous. They had been handed to the rescue founder, Suzanne in a supermarket carrier bag and as you can imagine, were distressed after their awful experience.

We initially fostered her, but as we watched this nervous, traumatised little girl transform into a playful happy pup again, we fell more and more in love with her. She had developed a strong bond with her new foster mummy and our other seven rescue Chihuahuas, we had to admit to being ‘failed foster parents!

Wonderfully for us, Suzanne agreed that she had found her forever home and agreed to let us adopt her. We named her Dizzy 2 in honour of her being the first dog that came into Dizzy Chihuahua rescue.

When we first had her, she was unable to walk on a lead, frightened of the world. Today she is a cuddly, happy pup who loves her walks and trips away in our touring caravan. She now has a forever home with a family (fur & human) who love her.

A happy ending to her story , and a new beginning for this beautiful little soul xx"




Here is Sh├óron with Tino's story

"When Tino and his sister first came into Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue and I was told about their terrible past, tears were rolling down my cheeks.  When I told my husband and daughter of little Tino’s plight, my husband immediately said “We must have him!”

Once we had filled in the application form and Steven had completed our home check we were approved and bought Tino back to meet our other three fur babies.

Tino settled so well and our other three were so pleased with a lovely new addition to the family. Tillie took charge of looking after him. Over the next few days it was as if he’d always been here. He was having fun in the garden with the others, it was wonderful to watch.

The biggest challenge has been to get him to walk on a lead. That has taken a lot of time & praise. After much hard work, he is finally enjoying walking & sniffing with the others. He’s an amazing little man. His confidence has really grown and he has now got a cheeky side to him. We are truly blessed to have him"


Dizzy & Tino together for a beautiful photoshoot