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Meet Rodney a delightful little black Chihuahua who is still a puppy at approx. 7 months old and now in the safe hands and care of Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue.

Rodney is a sweet boy who is good with other dogs, and cats. He will need further help with his housetraining and a quiet home where he can feel safe and learn how to have a happy normal life.

UPDATE : Rodney has settled well and is enjoying life as the new 'boss' of the family!


This is beautiful Annie. She is 7 years old and so far has been a little angel, and is a well adjusted dog, just happy to be part of the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue Family.


Please welcome our newbie - Lucy to Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue. Lucy is 10 months old and is a small, quiet little dog with the sweetest character. 


Meet our superstar Nala. She is a 2 year old female and a gorgeous, happy well adjusted Chihuahua. She immediately fitted right in with her Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue family, enjoys playing with the other dogs and daily walks and also loves to snuggle up with her Dizzy Chimummy under the duvet at night.


Poppy is the most adorable 2 year old. She has mobility problems with her back legs and walks like a little crab, but manages to get around and enjoys her walks. She fitted right in with her Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue Family and adores snuggling up to the other Chihuahua's and sleeping in bed under the duvet at night. She is the quietest, sweetest little darling who is as good as gold.

She will be with us for a while whilst the vet carries out further investigations on her legs and until she is spayed until Dec/Jan.


Poor Topsy has not had a good past life and came to us dirty and neglected with scars over her body. Her mouth and teeth were in appalling condition and it was obvious that she had not experienced love and affection.


Once safe with Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue, she was microchipped, vaccinated, spayed, had an extensive dental where all but 3 canine teeth were removed. She also had mammary tumours and low grade carcinoma that were  successfully removed.  She has been diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome and shows the symptoms but is currently on a medication trial and still has a relatively normal life.


We will require a specific home for Topsy,  as with all of our adopters you will need to be at home all or most of the day, she gets on well with other dogs but is not keen on the outside world.  The emphasis on who adopts Topsy is that they must have a very safe and secure garden or she will bolt.


Topsy is a darling, she is an older girl,  very quiet and well behaved dog who loves to be by your side 24/7 or to curl up next to you on the bed at night.  She gets on well with other dogs and loves to greet new visitors to your home,  with a loving owner who will cherish her and make her feel safe and secure, she will reward you with her wholehearted love and devotion and you will be her whole world.


We will consider adoption with DCR financial back up for the Cushings or permanent foster to the right person and home.




Truffle is a gorgeous 3 year old chocolate and tan female who came into our rescue as she was allowed to be dominant and wasn't getting along with the other dogs in her home.

She has been much loved, well cared for and is in lovely condition. She is well behaved and house trained and loves to snuggle up on her Chi-mummy's knee with the other Dizzy dogs. She has settled well in the Dizzy home and has found her place in the pack.


UPDATE : Truffles has a small umbilical hernia that the vet said was minor and could be left. However, the team at  Dizzy Chihuahua rescue have decided to have it operated on before she goes to a new home. We will keep you updated. 



Ralphy is a happy, friendly and affectionate little 4 year old dog. He loves to be by your side, on your knee or playing with his toys. He also loves his walks and exercise or just to accompany you when you go out. He is a proper little dog and gets along with other dogs. At night he loves nothing more than to cuddle up under the duvet with you. He will make a fantastic companion and loving pet.

Like most dogs, he will initially bark at strangers who enter your home. Ralph is in good health, fully vaccinated, microchipped and will be available for adoption once he has recovered from his recent neuter.

Ralphy will benefit from living with another Chihuhaua / small breed dog. Ralphie loves the company of his current foster friends and is comfortable in the company of other dogs. He is also very happy in the company of cats. 

If you think you can offer Ralphy a perfect 5 star home please complete and send in the adoption application marked "Ralphy"



Poppy is 9 years young. She is an absolute darling, she is a very timid and quiet dog and tries to blend into the background so as not to bring attention to herself.

Sadly, came into rescue after a relationship breakup. She was rather traumatised and initially had slight fear aggression.

She was very timid and quiet when she first arrived, but once she had settled in with her Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue Family, she became a much happier dog.

She walks well on the lead and and enjoys a daily 2 mile walk with the other dogs. She is house trained and prefers to use the garden, whatever the weather.

She is spayed, up to date with vaccinations and micro chipped. She is a good weight and size at 3.6kg. 

We are looking for a quiet home with owners who can give her the  time and patience to settle in and integrate herself into her new family on her own terms and with an owner who can show her that life is good and there is nothing to be afraid.

If you think you might be able to offer Poppy a home, please fill in one of our applications forms so that you may be considered.



Little Bruiser is a gorgeous little PomChi X Chihuahua male puppy who has just come into Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue. He will need to be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and neutered or a neutering agreement in place, before he will be ready for his new home. Normal adoption donations will apply



Casper is a 6 year old, happy and friendly little dog, who loves to play. He has fitted in immediately with our Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue pack who are showing him the ropes.

He is booked in to be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered and not yet ready for adoption until he has been properly assessed.



Meet little Evie, an adorable sweet and fluffy 8 week Chihuahua X Pomchi . Evie will require vaccinations, worming, microchipping and a spay agreement in place before she can be rehomed. Please visit out website for details and to find the adoption application




Beautiful Lottie is a gorgeous little PomChi X Chihuahua female puppy who has just come into Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue. She will need to be vaccinated, wormed, microchipped and spayed or a spay agreement in place, before she will be ready for her new home. Normal adoption donations will apply


Dolly and Kenzo

Dolly and Kenzo came into rescue together, Dolly is 3 and Kenzo is 7 years old. 

Dolly has been brought up with Kenzo since she was a puppy and we would like to rehome them together.


Both are the most friendly, affection and happy little dogs, they love to be with you for kisses and cuddles and love to be on your lap.

They enjoy their daily 2 mile walk and love to play in the garden with the other dogs. Whilst Kenzo is a little more independent and love the company of the male dogs, Dolly likes her humans and is more of a lap dog.  It is clear that they love each other.

They are neutered/spayed, up to date with vaccinations and are microchipped.

These little ones are adorable and whoever is chosen to give them a loving 5 star home will be blessed to have such wonderful dogs in their life.




Lola is 10 years old and is an absolute sweet heart. She is a happy, affectionate, well behaved  little girl and a real lap dog.

She has previously lived with other dogs and has integrated well with the other resident and foster dogs within the Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue Family.

Lola has a low grade heart murmur that was  discovered by the vet when she had a recent dental, however, she is not taking any medication yet and may not need to and this is something that we will discuss this with the vet in more detail whilst she is under assessment. We will be looking for a quiet, peaceful home for Lola.


Panda (Poppy)

Panda (Poppy) came to us with a few issues. She was assessed by our team at Dizzy chihuahua rescue and eventually found her forever home. her full story is on our Gallery page..


Tino came in with little Dizzy. Both were extremely traumatised and they were very thin. They had been handed to the rescue founder, Suzanne in a supermarket carrier bag and as you can imagine, were distressed after their awful experience. Tino found his forever home with an extended family of rescue pups and his story in on our gallery page..


Dizzy was a gorgeous little girl who was quite traumatised when she came in to Dizzy Chihuahua rescue. She was with another little pup and both very thin and nervous. They had been handed to the rescue founder, Suzanne in a supermarket carrier bag and as you can imagine, were distressed after their awful experience.

When she was initially fostered  she was very nervous but we watched this nervous, traumatised little girl transform into a playful happy pup again. she was looking for a special home and thankfully her foster carers offered her that. here full story is on the gallery page...

Don't forget to fill in and return your application form