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Topsy, Poppy and Honey are our permanent foster pups - Sponsor us x



Name – Alfie

Age - 6

Housetrained - yes  (with the odd blip)

Lead trained - yes

Likes dogs -  yes

Llikes cats - not yet known


Additional info: - Alfie is a delightful and faithful little dog, he is affectionate and loves to be on your knee or under the duvet with you, he will follow you and be by your side 24/7. He loves his walks but must be kept on a lead otherwise he will bolt and has selective hearing.  Where Alfie goes, his precious orange fluffy toy goes too 😊

Alfie came into rescue under socialised, suffering severe separation anxiety and stranger phobic , we have given him lots of time to help him with this and he is coping much better.   

He doesn’t like strangers coming into the home and will bark and bite their ankles and feet, he still gets anxious and will bark if left alone, so his new owner will need to be at home 24/7 and continue with the help and support he needs.

Alfie has settled well in rescue and will stay here for as long as is needed, as he needs a special home with a patient owner to show him love, kindness and understanding.

We are looking for a home close to London with another placid dog, as Alfie will need a period of time to get to know his new owner first and his rehoming will need to be a gradual process.

please add ref: ALFIE  

please note- application forms cannot be filled in on a phone at this time.


Mouse 2021

Name: Mouse (2)

Age: 10 Years

House Trained: Yes,

Lead Trained: Yes

Likes dogs: Yes

Likes cats:   Not tested but we are told he barks at cats

Children : Older children only, Mouse came into rescue for growling at the toddler in the home


Info: Mouse is a lovely natured, quiet and placid, laid back boy (most of the time). He adores human company, to be on your knee for strokes and cuddles and also loves to play with his toys. He can be protective of his human and may bark if anyone comes near when he is having cuddles and will briefly bark and try to nip feet to certain visitors until he gets to know them, (but quickly stops to sit on their knee for attention).

He gets on well with other dogs and likes to snuggle up with the DCR pack but naturally will react if another dog snaps at him. He has been house trained 100% whilst in rescue, he is also very obedient and will do whatever you tell him.

He loves to roll himself up in his blanket and amusingly in the curtains. He has a good appetite and loves a slow gentle walk or have a mooch in the garden. We do not cage or crate any of our dogs but Mouse has always slept in his travelling crate and we have left him to use it, he opens and closes the door himself to come and go at will.

Since he came to DCR he also loves the choice to sleep under the duvet with me at night. Mouse also has an under bite and his tongue cutely hangs out to one side. He can be a noisy breather and grunts a lot (we also call him piggles) and he is a great snorer. Mouse is a loyal and faithful dog and an absolute gem, whoever adopts him will be very lucky.

please add ref: MOUSE  

please note- application forms cannot be filled in on a phone at this time.



Name - Lily

Colour: White & cream

Age: 7  (DOB 19/02/14)

House Trained: Used training pads and needs a little further help

Lead trained: No, not keen and needs gentle help

Likes dogs: Yes

Likes cats: not tested

Info:  Lily is a friendly, happy girl, she loves to play with other dogs and twirls to entice them to play with her or when she is happy. She has a good appetite and will eat the other dogs dinners given the chance.  She loves attention and is very affectionate, she rubs her face against yours like a cat. 

Having lived in the country she was used to running free and not lead trained but is coming along slowly, she often has to be picked up when on her lead walks as she can also get worried when  she comes across people and other dogs. 

She needs a little more encouragement and routine with her house training and sometimes uses training pads and is also used to having someone at home all the time and doesn’t like to be left at all. 

 Lily is the most wonderful little sweetheart and loves to sleep on your pillow at night and on your head!  

Please add ref: LILY  

please note- application forms cannot be filled in on a phone at this time.















































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Panda (Poppy)



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