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Sponsor one of our permanent DCR Foster dogs

Some of the Chihuahuas that come into Dizzy rescue may never be suitable for rehoming. This may be because  they may be too traumatised or have ongoing medical conditions that need expert care.


When this happens, we still pledge to give them the best love and care for the rest of their lives. We keep them within our precious Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue Foster Family who will support them and their specialist needs.


However, some of their medical needs can be costly and we have to support our ‘Dizzy Angels’ who take on our challenging Chihuahuas.  


If you would like to help, please consider Sponsoring one of these dogs. You can check on how they are doing and we will regularly update you on their latest adventures.


For as little as £1 a week, you can help towards the upkeep of one of our special Dizzy dogs.

Contact us to make a pledge now... 


Sponsor me - Topsy

Sponsor me - Poppy