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Poor Topsy has not had a good past life and came to us dirty and neglected with scars over her body. Her mouth and teeth were in appalling condition and it was obvious that she had not experienced love and affection.


Once safe with Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue, we began the long road to recovery. Her medical issues were extensive.


She was microchipped, vaccinated, spayed, had an extensive dental - the vet said he'd she had never seen a mouth so bad and infected.


Then she developed several mammary tumours, that were removed along with surrounding tissue, one was a malignant carcinoma. After that, we found out she had cushings disease which means she needs blood tests several times a year under anaesthtic that cost approx. £400 a time.

Her monthly medication costs £70 plus any health checks. She also needs a natural high quality home cooked diet


She is currently with one of our Dizzy Angels who will care for her and let her live the rest of her life in a safe and happy home.

Topsy waiting for her sausage in the cafe.

F.A.Q Sponsor me

How can I sponsor a dog?  Please send us an email with your name, address and which dog you would like to sponsor. 


What is my sponsorship money used for? Your sponsorship contributions are used to help your sponsor dog and all the dogs in our care. The money is used to cover the costs of veterinary bills such as dentals, health care and long term medications.


Can my sponsor dog be visited? I’m afraid not. Most of the dogs in our long term care may have medical conditions or be extremely nervous.  They would become stressed by unfamiliar people and situations.


Will I be my dog's only sponsor? We offer a co-sponsorship scheme with a number of people sponsoring each dog. Your money will go towards helping all the dogs in our care, including the dog you have chosen to sponsor.


What happens if my Sponsor Dog passes away? If your sponsor dog passes away, we will always write to you and inform you of this face. We will then offer you the chance to transfer your sponsorship to another dog on the scheme.


Can I sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else? Yes. When filling in the standing order form, please add the name, address and email of the person you wish to gift the sponsorship to. They will then receive any correspondence and photos for the sponsor dog.


How can I pay if I do not want to set up a standing order? You can sponsor a dog with a yearly payment.  We can take that via one off bank transfer, paypal  or cheque. Just contact us to let us know you are sponsoring a dog and send us the name, address and email of the person you wish receive the sponsorship information.