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Our story

Dizzy was a little 15 year old Chihuahua who was dumped and abandoned in a supermarket car park and left to fend for himself. He was in an appallingly poor condition, dirty and unkempt, unable to walk or see and with infected eyes and mouth, he would not have survived alone.

We were privileged to have given him a safe and happy home and showered him with love and affection before he very sadly died, leaving a huge gap in our lives.

Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue was set up in Dizzy’s memory, to keep this very special little dog’s name alive and to help little Chihuahuas in need…

Dogs Available for Adoption


Name: Poppy         Breed: Chihuahua          Sex: Female     Age:  9 years         Colour: Black and Tan         Weight: kg                   

House Trained: Yes          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Not cat tested

Info: Darling Poppy is a loving and affectionate dog and will be your constant companion, protector and friend once she settles in and warms to you. She prefers women but is wary of men and strangers and needs time to trust on her on her own terms and in her own time. Her favourite place is the garden, chasing the wood pigeons and also loves her walks with the other rescue dogs. We are looking for a dog savvy owner who understands a dogs needs as Poppy may be protective if someone comes too close and does have some trigger points. She sometimes needs a guiding hand . She needs a calm, quiet home where she can be left alone until she decides that she feels safe and has time to do what she wants. She can get a little snappy having her harness put on and we therefore left it on her all the time to avoid stressing her. She understand the word no and fitted into the rescue pack without problem. Sadly Poppy and one of the dogs in her present home are sometimes reacting to each other and she is wary of and can be overwhelmed by men and strangers visiting the home. Poppy is wonderful little dog and once settled loves nothing more that playtime and cuddles. 


Name: Bowie         Breed: Chihuahua          Sex: Female     Age: 8 years         Colour: Tan         Weight: 2.5kg                   

House Trained: Yes          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Not cat tested

Info: Bowie is a happy, quiet, playful and affectionate little lapdog , who loves to spend time with her humans and other dogs. She loves her walks and can be a little excited, wanting to explore and see everything, so needs to be controlled on her lead. 


Name: Yoshi         Breed: Chihuahua          Sex: Male     Age: 9 years         Colour: Cream         Weight: 2.5kg                   

House Trained: Yes         Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Not cat tested

Info: Yoshi is a friendly, happy little dog, who loves his lap time with his human and also with other dogs, but does like his own space at times. 


Name: Rogan         Breed: Chihuahua          Sex: Male     Age: 9 years         Colour: Chocolate         Weight: TBC                   

House Trained: Yes          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Not cat tested

Info: Rogan is a quiet, placid boy who loves his cuddles. He is presently under assessment


Name: Frankie         Breed: Chihuahua          Sex: Male     Age: 2 years         Colour: Tri – white/tan/brown        Weight: 1.5kg                   

House Trained: No          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes but nervous            Like cats: Probably

Info: Frankie is a tiny, timid, nervous and frightened little dog and will need lots of time and patience. presently under assessment and once he has had time to decompress and settle into rescue a little he will need a dental


Name: Baxter         Breed: Chihuahua          Sex: Male     Age: 5 years         Colour: Tri colour         Weight: 2.8kg                   

House Trained: Yes (with odd blip)          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Not cat tested

Info: Baxter can be shy and timid. but once settled is a delightful, friendly and affectionate little sweetheart, who loves his home comforts, especially warmth and heat. Baxter can sometimes scent mark when not being watched and will also try to escape, so a secure home and garden is an absolute must, otherwise he can sneak out of an opening door or gate in a flash, undetected. His tail never stops wagging and he loves to play with his toys and will happily entertains himself. He gets on well with other dogs but likes to be with his human, snuggled up with you on the sofa or under the duvet with you in bed at night.


Name: Zara.         Breed: Pomeranian          Sex: Female     Age: 5 years         Colour: White /Cream         Weight: TBC                   

House Trained: Yes          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Not cat tested

Info: Zara is quiet, adorable and very affectionate girl, who will form a very strong bond with her new owner. She will sit on your knee to snuggle up and gaze at you lovingly, all day if she can and follows you everywhere. She prefers female company and may be a little wary of men. She gets along with and plays with all of the other rescue dogs, Her beautiful thick coat will need regular brushing (which she loves). She is presently over weight and on a strict diet, her new owner will need to continue with this to get her down to a healthy weight, she also has a slow feeder bowl to stop her wolfing down her food. She loves her regular walks and to be out in the garden. The vet check shows that she is in very good health, but does have a slightly clicky patella, but shows no problems at all, losing weight will be beneficial. Zara is beautiful, well behaved and is an absolute dream. She needs a 5 star loving home, where she can be adored, treasured and given the love and affection that she needs and deserves.


Name: Lucky         Breed: Chihuahua         Sex: Male     Age: 7 years         Colour: Tan and Black        Weight: TBC                   

House Trained: TBC          Lead Trained: Yes      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: TBC

Info: Lucky is the most shy, timid, quiet and sweetest dog. He is a real lapdog and loves to be in your arms as much as possible and paws you to be stroked a lot. Ideally he should have one or two similar quiet small dogs in the home for company too. He needs a quiet and calm environment, with an owner who is at home all the time, who can walks and take him out to make sure he has a full life he needs to be by your side to sleep with you in or on the bed too. Lucky came into rescue under very sad circumstances and it is very important that we find him the perfect home that can meet his needs.

Our generous supporters at  Overglam Pet fashion have kindly offered to send our rescue dogs a new outfit when they are rehomed. Click the logo to view the website

Some of our Dizzy Chihuahua dogs successfully rehomed