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Dizzy was a little 15 year old Chihuahua who was dumped and abandoned in a supermarket car park and left to fend for himself. He was in an appallingly poor condition, dirty and unkempt, unable to walk or see and with infected eyes and mouth, he would not have survived alone.

We were privileged to have given him a safe and happy home and showered him with love and affection before he very sadly died on 26th July 2016, leaving a huge gap in our lives.

Dizzy Chihuahua Rescue was set up in Dizzy’s memory, to keep this very special little dog’s name alive and to help little Chihuahua’s in need.

dizzy rescue crew

Some of the Dizzy Chihuahua rescue dogs in our permanent care

Dogs Available to rehome


Name: Benny          Breed: Fren-Chi X          Sex: Male     Age: 11 years         Colour: Tan          Weight: 3.2kg                  

House Trained: Yes          Lead Trained: Yes     Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Yes

Info Benny was surrendered to our rescue as a “Teacup Chihuahua” after his owner sadly died, however, weighing in at 4kg he certainly didn’t fit the description. He appears more like a mini Frenchie with a Chi face. He is a lovely boy who now weights 3.2kg and is looking for a quiet forever home where he can live out his days happily and peacefully with a sofa to snuggle up with his new owner.

Benny does have a grade 3/4 heart murmur, but does not require medication. He also has problems with his patella but isn’t in any pain and due to his heart murmur, the vet isn’t keen to take this further. He has a good appetite, albeit has been on a strict diet to lose weight.

He loves his bed and sleeps a lot, he also likes slow walks where he can take his time and sniff everything in sight. He is well behaved, clean and quiet in the home.

Our generous supporters at  Overglam Pet fashion have kindly offered to send Poppy 1 a new outfit when she is rehomed.

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Name: Alfie          Breed: Long haired Chihuahua          Sex: Male     Age: 5 years         Colour: Lilac         Weight: TBC                   

House Trained: Work in progress          Lead Trained: TBC      Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: TBC

Info: Alfie is a sweet, affectionate and playful dog. Presently under assessment


Name: Lulu          Breed: Long haired Chihuahua          Sex: Female        Age: 5 years         Colour: Tri colour          Weight: TBC                   

House Trained: TBC          Lead Trained: TBC     Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Yes

Info: Lulu is presently under assessment


Name: Mimi          Breed: Short haired Chihuahua          Sex: Female        Age: 5 years         Colour: Lilac % Tan          Weight: TBC                   

House Trained: TBC          Lead Trained: TBC     Likes dogs: Yes            Like cats: Yes

Info: Mimi is presently under assessment

Poppy 1


Some of our Dizzy Chihuahua dogs successfully rehomed